Agent Franz:

How it works


There are 5 trait categories: Eyes, Mouth, Skin, Clothing and Hats. Each category is its own collection and will generate a random trait when you mint from it.

Combining a trait with your Llama Agent is permanent, making all collections deflationary.

Each trait costs 2 $HAY.

Supply: 4356

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Supply: 2500

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Supply: 3500

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Supply: 2546

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Supply: 2481

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In this section, you'll be able to combine your traits with your Llama Agent. Any trait combinations completed here will be permanent.

Once you've selected the Llama Agent and trait you'd like to combine from the dropdown menus, we'll generate a preview of what the resulting Agent would look like. Once you're happy with your new look, click the 'combine' button and follow Agent Franz' instructions.

Repeat these steps for every trait to complete your disguise.

step 3: mint your id card

So, you want a new identity, hmm?

You're now able to get an ID Card: a token you can use to edit the metadata of your Llama Agent and give it a custom alias!

ID Cards cost 60 $HAY each.

STEP 4: Change your alias

In this section, you'll be able to use an ID Card to change your Agent's alias.

Once you've selected a Llama Agent from the dropdown menu, you'll be able to choose a new name (assuming you have an ID Card in your wallet).

step 5: mint an imposter scanning device

In this section, you'll be able to mint Agent Franz' high-tech DNA Scanning Device.

Don't miss out on the chance to find out if one of your Llama Agents is an Alpaca Imposter!

DNA Scanning Devices cost 10 $HAY each.

STEP 6: reveal the imposters

In this section, you'll be able to use your DNA Scanning Device to find out if you hold one of the 25 Alpacas.