what is hay?


$HAY is a utility token used to run the Secret Llama Agency ecosystem. Every Llama Agent yields 2 $HAY a day. A well deserved treat for keeping the Agency safe and completing secret agent missions.


Ready to get in disguise? Each trait in The Disguise Room will cost 2 $HAY with a total of 5 different traits categories.

ID Card

Every Secret Agent needs an alias. Get yourself an ID Card for 60 $HAY and combine it with your Llama Agent to get a custom name. Names can be edited with every ID card used.


Only loyal Agents with at least 60 $HAY in their wallet can get access to The Ceremonial Hall. Once you’re in, you can get promoted! A Bronze badge will cost 60 $HAY, Silver is 150 $HAY, Gold is 210 $HAY, Platinum is 405 $HAY, and Diamond is 660 $HAY.

Agency Marketplace

Blue chip NFTs and new project NFTs will be purchased using the community wallet funds and listed on our Agency marketplace to be bought with $HAY. Some examples include SMB, Degods and Boryoku Dragons. Find out more about the Agency Marketplace in our white paper.


$HAY is an SPL token created to run the Secret Llama Agency ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.

The token will start with a supply of 0. The ONLY way it can be created is by staking a Llama Agent. No IDO, no VC allocations and no pumps and dumps. Instead of having an initial USD or SOL price, the token will find it's price through the free-market.

The maximum supply is 34,000,000 with 3 halvings at around every 365 days.